About us

Aquascapes is a Design Build contracting firm with skills sets in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture,

A Designer that also builds to meet the client’s needs and requirements,

A Planner selecting resources and site conditions to meet the maximum development of a project,

Extensive experience in both Structural and Civil Projects

History of Aquacapes

Since 1988, Aquascapes Inc. was founded in Honolulu, Hawaii  as a licensed commercial/residential Landscape & Swimming Pool Contractor, building a variety of Custom Pools and Landscapes of a variety of themes to special design  founded by Darrel Hickman. The company is involved with a broad range of projects noted for unique designs “infinitive edge” pools, multi-level pools, hillside pools. Aquascapes has become a recognized trademark in the industry, in 1990, Aquascapes obtained both a C-52 license and a C-27 license for pools and landscape.   In 1994, a General Building and General Engineering contracting license in Arizona was created under Aquascapes Inc., this licensure allows to design and build commercial and residential structures complete from the site development to facilities structures, pools and landscapes.

Currently based here in  Los Angeles / South Bay,  Darrel Hickman provides designs with talent and experience combining creative skills, cost estimation know-how, civil engineering , and knowledge that results from over 200 projects, his love of plants and nature in the natural setting around water.

Educational Background:

  • Continuation of degree in Civil Engineering , Bishek School of Architecture & Engineering
  • Special Design Program in Landscape Architecture, U.C. Berkley
  • Graduate Degree in Urban Planning, Cal State University, San Francisco
  • Under Graduate in Economics and Urban Studies, San Francisco State College
  • Associates Degree in Architecture, Orange Coast College

Private consultation dealing with consultation and expertise in the following areas:

  • Industrial/Business Admin Parks
  • Design/Build Landscape & Pools
  • Urban/Regional Park Design                                          
  • Planning and Development of Regional Open Space
  • Master Plans in Asia Pacific with focus on Urban Recreation
  • Land-use Planning in the Middle East, urban towns